The world is in shambles after generations of border conflicts, and fighting among city states. The world was forever changed when in secret the Drow Lich Queen, the Drow Demon half breed queen, the vampire countess and the vampire king formed a dark alliance. In the 10 years since they almost completed there goal of opening 30 Drak Wells to bring about the end of the world. They have So far have opened 25 portals to the negative energy plain, They use these wells to draw power for which they use to raise massive undead army’s, there ranks are enforced even more so by the Orc and Goblin clans eager to deliver blood to there death gods and bring the world into darkness.

The Order of God the order of clerics and other divine casters have been all but destroyed. Beaten back to there fortresses and the last of the possible Dark well locations.
The Races of the plain are in a last ditch efort to gather a team of warriors to destroy the Dark Wells and kill the lords of the undead.

The Dark Wells